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You know how

Your world has gotten increasingly complex, with digital disruption affecting all business models due to the ubiquity and ease of access to cloud and modern computing power, meaning competition can now come from anywhere by anyone

Your economies of scale are no longer your protection

What we do is

Work with businesses like yours who have to rethink how they observe, think, understand and act in this new world so they can stay relevant in the face of increasing digitization and competition to survive

We have been

working with clients to change how they work and are now taking that knowledge and experience to companies like yours, who need to rethink how you create and deliver value to your customers

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Credus Partners - Powering Agility

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In the face of exploding complexity, you already know you need to change how you identify, create and deliver value. We bring customer insights, data analytics and technology together to ensure your brand remains competitive.
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What We Do

Organisational Agility Design

Agility is your Strategic advantage - how "agile" you want to be requires rethinking your business holistically. Credus work with you to co create the agile adoption strategy that makes sense in your context - visions, strategy, structures, roadmaps, transition plans. We will create a solution unique to you drawing from a multitude of frameworks, patterns, practices and processes designed with your organization in mind.

Agility Transformation Execution

You have your Agility Strategy - now you need to live it. The days of separating Strategy from Execution are gone. Time is too short and the world is moving too fast. Credus work with you to co-design a fit for purpose agile implementation plan and ‘playbook’. We partner with you over the longer term to implement your strategy using our patented Agility Adoption Framework. We share in the risk and reward of your success - by having skin in your game.

How can we help you?

If you believe that re-designing your organisation to be agile is a strategic choice
Credus Partners provide the Solution to this problem.

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Chris Chan, October 2016

"A goal of a transformation should be to strive to be a learning organisation. By building a culture of learning, you only have to transform once and then never have to transform again as people within the organisation are constantly learning and adapting its way of working. That way you build the muscle memory needed so you can constantly change as the world changes – this is true Business Agility."